1. Creating an Icon & Splash Screen

The Icon

Creating an icon is pretty straight forward especially since we are using xcode and it has a GUI interface for setting up the basic information for a new iPhone application.

Before you add the icon and the splash screen the default view will not have an image in either:

To create the icon you need a picture, for our project, just to show how simple the process can be we drew a picture on the whiteboard and will be using the picture for our icon and our splash screen. We took a picture and had to do very minimal editing first.  We had to change the size to 57×57 (114×114 for HD) pixels and save the file as a .png file.  Once done we just dragged the icon into place (see screen shot).

The Splash Screen

The splash screen is just as simple, it must be saved as a png as well.  iOS will do it’s best to show the image as a splash screen.  You will see the error below because we didn’t go through the process of resizing it to show that it still does ok.  For best results size the image to 320×480 pixels (640×960 HD).  The warning is advising that we should resize the image.

Simulator Results


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